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A cheat that automatically blocks for you.


Bot Stab/Swing
A stab/swing that is random and attempts to catch the enemy off guard. Usually these stabs don't make use of swing stabs and are instead straight on - usually at an abnormal or unexpected speed.
The defense capability of your weapon, a block can be extended in 4 directions - down, up, left, and right. Blocking in a specific direction blocks attacks thrown from that direction.


Chambering is the technique of nullifying your opponent's stab by throwing a specifically-timed stab to rebound a stab back at the opponent. Chambering serves the same function as blocking in that it defends you from being hit, but unlike blocking (see exception: stun blocking), chambering is a motion that transitions the enemy's attack into an attack of your own. There are many different types of chambers:

Counter Chambers: Counter Chambers are chambers thrown in response to the initial chamber; the chamber functions in an identical manner to simple chambers but are thrown in response to a chambered stab.

Straight Chambers: Straight chambers are self-explanatory - chambers that are thrown straight on and chambered using the method explained above. These types of chambers are the ones most commonly taught to new players when they begin to learn advanced techniques.

Stun Chambers: Stun Chambers are chambers that carried forward into a stab without the enemy being able to block or counter chamber. These are performed by moving forward as your chamber is entering its offensive stage, although consistently throwing stun chambers relies on an understanding of timing and player movement.

Block Chambers: Block Chambers function the same way as a regular chamber, but are developed by blocking the initial stab and releasing into an attack when the player's stab is at the extent of its hit. Block chambers require precise timing of the switch to be done properly, but if the move is timed correctly the stab comes at a speed which becomes very difficult to block.

Fient Chambers: Fient Chambers happen in the same manner in which block chambers happen, but occur not when holding a block, but when you are fienting between blocks and attacks. If the opponents stab hits when your fienting sequence is in the blocking stage, a fient chamber occurs. These chambers are often difficult to transition into effective stabs, since the process of fienting often means you aren't ready to attack the opponent.

Tip Chambers: Tip Chambers are really just regular chambers, but are notable because they occur on the very edge of the bayonet - usually chambering is most effective when the initial stab hits the upper nozzle of the musket.

Continuation Chambers: Continuation Chambers are a groupfighting specific term that identifies chambers that a person performs on one person but uses to stab the other. Chambers occur at a higher speed than regular stabs, meaning continuation chambers can catch players off guard with a speedy strike.


1. Also known as the kiting or pulling, distracting and/or separating members of the enemy team to provide an numerical advantage for the friendly team.
2. To swing an attack to confuse an enemy.
(In Native) Players will often drop weapons and equipment for other classes as it is a more efficient use of their gold and some classes don't have access to necessary weapons.



Staying close to the target you're trying to attack in the hope of either a glance or reduced damage.
Using both the attack and block buttons to pretend to attack.
A first to seven duel.


An attack that does not cause damage to the attacked player but causes the attacker to become stunned. Usually caused by an attack that does not hit straight on a hit box and "glances" off.


Hilt Spam
Left swinging with a fast weapon, like a scimitar, and angling your attack to the right so it both is aimed at the head and the attack is quicker then it usually would be so that the enemy is not able to block.
1. To hold an attack
2. Keeping one or more players separated from the main fight.




A stun that can be pulled off by kicking your opponent usually with the E key.
Also known as the pulling, distracting and/or separating members of the enemy team to provide an numerical advantage for the friendly team. Usually the side directly opposite of the enemies push.



Master of the Field




An attack that does very little damage but forces a player to be stunned.
An abbreviation for Pick Up Game.
Also known as the kiting, distracting and/or separating members of the enemy team to provide an numerical advantage for the friendly team. Usually the side directly opposite of the enemies push.
The side or group that is attacking.



Ritz Spin
A spin which causes an animation glitch.


S Key
To play extremely passively or only use your S key.
A nickname for a scimitar.
Abbreviation for scrimmage or a practice match.
Moving to the side of an attack when it is thrown. Often a sidestep can occur when an attacking pattern is recognized and is able to be avoided.
The inability to either block or attack. Often the result of a glance, a stun chamber, or a stun block.


Killing an enemy after they killed a teammate.
Turkish Kick
A kick during which the kicker has above ~65 ping enabling a down block to occur while kicking.


Up Down
An up attack and a down attack being throw at the same time by two people so that the victim is unable to block both.



W Key
To play extremely aggressively.
Being surrounded against a wall unable to escape.