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Guidelines and general tips for the creation of quality pages

Guidelines for Pages

  • All articles should only contain fact-based statements that are written the the third person.
    • Example of what to do
      • "The Chefs of Swaziland were able to accomplish many of their wins through forfeits."
    • Example of what NOT to do:
      • "In the Chefs of Swaziland, we were able to win a lot due to our tremendous skill and the lack of any meaningful competition."
  • Add references if at all possible
  • For any non-forum(Taleworlds, FSE, etc.) website for events and tournaments try to include an archive of the page
    • The easy and preferred way is to use
    • Sometimes it may be justified to use to make an archive of the forum but usually that isn't required
  • Summarize major edits and if at all possible try to limit edits and group them together.
  • Most templates should auto categorize pages but if they don't don't be afraid of adding the categories on the ends of pages.
  • If and when you need to link to another page, only include the link for the first instance of whatever you want to link. DON'T PUT LINKS FOR EVERY MENTION!
    • Example of what to do:
      • The [Chefs of Swaziland] have accomplished a x, y, and z... Due to this, the Chefs of Swaziland have...


Some commonly used templates. Spreadsheet with Templates and Tournaments

Starting a New Page

Create a Player Page

If you want to create a player page, please refer to Help:Player_Template for more information. Please due note, we have a script that can handle a large amount of players that need to be added so don't waste your time if you need to add more than 5 or so. Just ask and they can be batch added.

Create a Tournament Page

If you want to create a tournament page, please refer to Help:Tournament_Template for more information. Due note, we are currently focusing on adding tournaments that are relevant to the Mount and Blade competitive scene. Any tournaments under 24 participants or 6 teams that have signed up or have a prize pool or prestige worthy of being added.

Create a Team Page

If you want to create a Team page, please refer to Help:Team_Template for more information.