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Guidelines and general tips for the creation of quality pages

Guidelines for Pages

  • All articles should only contain fact-based statements that are written the the third person.
    • Example of what to do
      • "The Chefs of Swaziland were able to accomplish many of their wins through forfeits."
    • Example of what NOT to do:
      • "In the Chefs of Swaziland, we were able to win a lot due to our tremendous skill and the lack of any meaningful competition."
  • Add references if at all possible
  • Summarize major edits and if at all possible try to limit edits and group them together.
  • Most templates should auto categorize pages but if they don't don't be afraid of adding the categories on the ends of pages


Some commonly used templates. Spreadsheet with Templates and Tournaments

Starting a New Page

If you want to create a player page, please refer to Help:Player_Template for more information. Due note, due to limited manpower, we are trying to only create player pages that have won AN AMOUNT of tournaments to limit the amount of work that needs to be done.

If you want to create a tournament page, please refer to Help:Team_Template for more information. Due note, we are currently focusing on adding tournaments that are relevant to the Mount and Blade competitive scene. Any tournaments under A NUMBER of participants or A NUMBER of teams that have signed up.