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Player Information
Years Active:
2013 -
Alternate IDs:
27th_Sjt_Lucas_Caldwell, 18e_Sgt_Midnight, 6teSLR_ObLt_Midnight, Oprichnik_Curate_Midnight
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Second Place Rex's 6v6 Tournament
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Midnight is an American Mount and Blade:Warband player, known for mainly playing Napoleonic Wars. He is most known for his time in the 6te Silesian Landwehr and the 18e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne "les Braves", as well as hosting and administrating numerous events over the years.


1stIR and the 1stRCR

1stIR during an event in 2015

Midnight's journey in the Napoleonic Wars regiment scene began in late 2014 after he joined his first regiment known today as the Pontifical Swiss Guard. His time in the PSG was not to last as a mutual acquaintance from his earlier Warband experiences on PF, Roy, poached him into his own community called the 1st Infantry Regiment. The 1stIR was led by Colonel Hungarian Habsburg with Roy as the second in command of the unit. From October 2014 to May of 2015, Midnight served in the 1stIR and experienced his first taste of being both a ranker and a leader. Rising through the ranks and through multiple dismissals, Midnight achieved the coveted position of Major and led the majority of the regiment in the Colonel's absence. After a decline in attendance in May of 2015, Colonel Hungarian Habsburg decided to disband the 1stIR after consulting with what remained of his officer staff. There Midnight would go on to lead his first regiment, the 1st Royal Canadian Regiment of Foot (1stRCR).

Believing he was ready to lead on his own, he took what was left of the 1stIR and founded the 1stRCR with Isaac Brock. Going strong for a few months, the 1stRCR enjoyed the same structure as the 1stIR. Midnight brought the regiment to casual events such as the 26e Tuesday Linebattle, the Friday Domination Linebattle, and Assault hosted by Illuminati, and even ushered in a more competitive side with Monday nights being dedicated to 1v1s. The 1stRCR suffered the same issues as the 1stIR. Attendance toward the end of the 1stRCR's lifespan haunted the young leader of the regiment and he was scared of losing the community he knew and loved. After noticing their dwindling attendance, Snow, leader of the 26e, offered Midnight the chance to merge and become the leader of a long-awaited voltigeur company. Midnight agreed and would merge the 1stRCR into the 26e Regiment d'Infanterie de Ligne led by Snow, GreenSnow, and later Rex.

26e and the 1stRI

Midnight at the helm of the 26e during an event in 2015

In late May of 2015, Midnight merged the 1stRCR into the 26e. Forming the voltigeurs, the formidable regiment was on the path to success. On numerous occasions, Snow often lent support in terms of numbers and even allowed Midnight, a less experienced commander, to take command of the line company. Where the 1stIR was Midnight's first taste in both being a ranker and a leader, the 26e was his first taste in how a regiment should be structured and led. Boasting attendance numbers often in the 30s and 40s, the 26e was a force to be reckoned with in the casual community. Unfortunately for Snow, not everyone was happy being under the command of someone they didn't know. In August of 2016, some of Midnight's veterans from the 1stIR approached him and expressed their interest to break free once more. Their interest in the 26e dwindled and Midnight agreed. Through an hours-long debate into the night, Midnight broke free from the 26e after receiving support from the 1st Reserve Infantry's leader, Allen. The process of independence was arduous and Snow often claimed Midnight poached members from him. In a form of revenge, Snow allegedly had a member of his regiment DDoS Midnight on at least one occasion.

Instead of forming another regiment, Midnight opted to merge with the 1st Reserve Infantry (1stRI). While it later proved to be a mistake, Midnight believed he was doing what was best for those under his command. The 1stRI was a fresh change from the disciplined structure of the 26e. They were more laid back, some of them inexperienced, and just liked to play the game for what it was. The regiment mostly played in casual events but occasionally scheduled a competitive 1v1 to keep things fresh for their members. While both Midnight and his 1stIR veterans enjoyed their stay in the community, it was Midnight who began to distance himself from the group. Having an idea of forming a Russian regiment, Midnight was approached by Allen who wished to see his officer remain in the regiment. After a heartfelt exchange, Allen offered to bring up a possible name change to the regiment. This backfired when the other leadership of the 1stRI, and those loyal to Allen, accused Midnight of attempting to manipulate their leader. When it was clear he was no longer welcome, the former 1stIR commander resigned and instructed his members to remain in the 1stRI should they so wish. The dream of forming a Russian Regiment was axed before it had a chance to breathe.

North and South and the Return to NW

Midnight leading the 6th Silesian Foot Artillery during his return to NW in 2016

After being exiled from the 1stRI and their parent Gaming Community, the EDG, Midnight looked toward other sub-communities of Napoleonic Wars. It was after playing Persistent World that he met a player by the name of Daytimed who was a company leader in the 26th North Carolina Infantry Regiment on North and South. From him, Midnight was first exposed to the Civil War sub-mod and joined his first Confederate regiment. Getting that urge to lead, however, Midnight resigned from the 26th to form his own Heavy Artillery Battery called the 6th New York. It was then that Silence introduced Midnight to the new UA NA Major General, Royal. Joining Gibraltar Brigade, Midnight later shifted the 6th New York into the 21st New Jersey Volunteer Cavalry before eventually joining Royal's brigade staff.

At some point later on, Midnight struck out and formed his own independent Confederate regiment called the 27th Alabama Volunteer Infantry. It was his first 'successful' regiment. Holding no allegiance to the DA or UA, the 27thAL fielded anywhere from 20-30 per event and even formed its own independent brigade called the Alabama Brigade. As the growing leader learned through trial and error, he often trusted the wrong individuals. Having made friends with Lady Moraine during his time in the 26e, Moraine became his backbone for leadership and command. While Midnight was on a hiatus tending to real-life duties, Moraine merged the 27thAL into the DA without Midnight's consent. This led to Midnight resigning from his position and forming his own regiment again. The 33rd Virginia Infantry Regiment was founded and it, unfortunately, did not have the same success as the 27thAL. After the dissolution of the 33rdVA, Midnight was approached by Moraine on behalf of Braggs Brigade Brigadier General Whetzel. Wishing to use the name, Midnight gave consent and ultimately joined Whetzel and Moraine in the DA.

During Midnight's time in the DA, he grew closer to Whetzel and held various positions in Braggs, and later Pickett's, Brigade. Following the DA leader from regiment to regiment, Midnight one day convinced him to support a venture back into NW. With Whetzel agreeing, the 6th Silesian Foot Artillery, or 6thSA, was founded in December of 2015. It was around this time that Celtic, former leader of the 29y Chernigovskiy Pehotniy Polk, joined Midnight and Whetzel and became one of Midnight's most trusted officers.


Period of Reform

During the earlier months of 2016 and despite the success of the 6thSA's attendance, Midnight wished for something more unique and period friendly. Celtic suggested that he use the old 29y name and gave his blessing to use the name. Thus the 29y Chernigovskiy Pehotniy Polk (29y), was reformed under Midnight, Whetzel, and Celtic's leadership. They shared a brief friendship with the 29th Worcestershire, led by Lawrence, but it did not last long. Already urging for something new, Midnight changed names yet again into the 3e Régiment de Grenadiers-à-Pied de la Garde Impériale (3eGren). Having something unique, with even a custom skin pack and banner pack in-game from the resources available on FSE, many thought the 3eGren would be the end of Midnight's name changes. The flakey leader had already lost various members that followed him previously due to his antics and he did not see the consequences until it was too late. After remaining as the 3eGren for some time, he later renamed, again, into the 83rd (County of Dublin) Regiment of Foot (83rd). It was during this time that not only Celtic, but a multitude of Midnight's members had a falling out and left him. Some would go to leave the game permanently, others joined other communities, and some would go on to form their own artillery regiment.

Midnight leading the 29y along their sister regiment of the 29th

In March of 2016, Scottish approached Midnight and offered an invitation to John Price's 74th Regiment of Foot (Campbell Highlanders) (74th). Taking on the name of Alexander Hall, Midnight joined the regiment and followed John Price for the following years to come. The discipline, structure, and unique atmosphere of the 74th, later the 18e, is what Midnight aspired to become. Shortly after he joined the 74th, John Price renamed the regiment back into the 18e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne "les Braves" (18e). Throughout the next few years, Midnight went on to hold various ranks from Cadet (Cad), to Fusilier (Fus), to Fusilier Veteran (FusV), to Caporal (Cpl), and later Sergent (Sgt) in the EU regiment. At two points in time, Midnight formed a North American Company which was semi-successful.

18e during a linebattle in 2018

After his last failed attempt at making a regiment succeed in the form of the 3eTir, and with most of his loyal following gone, Midnight became a ranker in various regiments in an attempt to find a home. When Aurum formed his own regiment, in the form of the 23e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne "Les Lions" (23e), Midnight quickly joined wishing to give any help and support to a relatively new and untested leader. From October 2016 to December of 2016, Midnight followed Aurum until the regiment disbanded in early December. A few weeks later, before the turn of the new year, Midnight found the community he was looking for.

Settling Down

After mercing with the 6te Silesian Landwehr (6teSLR), led by Irish, for a few events, he opted to join them. Starting as a Rekrut, Midnight quickly rose through the ranks and became a Stabsgefreiter in early 2017. He proved to be a loyal asset, helping with both leadership and administrative capabilities, and even was chosen to lead the Jager Company in Frosty's absence after the previous leader, Lucious, resigned. The 6teSLR seemed unstoppable. With a thriving community comprised of a Jager Company, Line Company, Artillery Company, and Competitive Guard Company, their attendance reached anywhere from 40-60 per event. It was finally the community that Midnight searched for and he had hope of riding it out until Bannerlord. Unfortunately, the 6teSLR suffered a great scandal during the North American Premier League in 2017. After checking through GUIDS, the officials of the tournament found that Irish, knowingly, had an illegal player in the match under the name of another on the 6teSLR's roster. This ordeal saw Ramelon, the leader of the Guard Company, and most of his followers to leave the regiment overnight. Likewise to Ramelon's departure, the 6teSLR woke up the next morning to find their Steam Group gone and their teamspeak abandoned.

Midnight mercing for the 6teSLR before joining them in 2016

Midnight, after speaking with an active portion of the senior staff, formed the 4e Régiment de Grenadiers-à-Pied de la Garde Imperiale (4eGren) in hopes of keeping the community alive and to participate in that year's NANWL.

Keeping the Community Together and Aftermath

The 4eGren was formed by Midnight, Gluk, and Marceaux. Other officers, such as John Price, were later brought in to increase their chances of performing well in the upcoming league. While the goal of maintaining the community was noble, Midnight neglected a lot of the former veterans of the 6teSLR which caused their departure from the 4eGren. Veterans such as Vader and Yoshie left the regiment in order to join others for competitive reasons. The 6teSLR's artillery company was given a home in the 4eGren and allowed to operate on their own accord. The 4eGren participated in that year's NANWL but not to the success that Midnight, and the other regiment leaders, hoped for. Being placed in League 2, the 4eGren placed third coming after the 41st, and the victors, the AEF. With NANWL over, many members of the regiment became inactive or no longer had an interest in the game and/or community. Wishing to rebrand, Midnight followed in his previous mistakes and named the 4eGren into the 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Foot "The Young Buffs" (31st). While the line remained active for a few weeks, it eventually became an artillery regiment with the former 6teSLR Artillery Company continuing to attend events for a few more months. Eventually, the former community of the 6teSLR fractured.

Midnight and the 41st Skirms in 2017

Having no regiment, Midnight remained as a merc for a short period of time until one day Jakester of the 41st gave him a generous offer. With the 41st (Royal Invalids) Regiment of Foot (41st) having accomplished Line, Guard, Artillery, and Cavalry companies, Jakester lacked a Skirmisher detachment. Midnight accepted Jakester's offer and became the 41st's Skirmisher Serjeant. A lot of Midnight's former veterans, some from the 1stIR, some from the fractured 6teSLR Community, and some from the North and South community, all returned to give it another go. He worked tirelessly and recruited many fresh faces to the regiment. They celebrated average attendance, ranging anywhere from 7-15 riflemen per event, but unfortunately fell into inactivity after a holiday hiatus. Despite Midnight's attempts to bring his former members back to activity, many no longer showed up. After resigning from the 41st, Irish returned to the NA community and reformed the 6teSLR. With a grand reunion, the 6teSLR achieved numbers into the 20s to 30s and Irish vowed not to dishonor his player base again.

With Holdfast: Nation's At War's release, the 6teSLR, like many other regiments, moved to the game in hopes of it becoming Napoleonic Wars' successor. The 8thKGL was formed for Holdfast and the 6teSLR community obtained new recruits from the game that would later join them on their return to Napoleonic Wars. As Holdfast failed to live up to many regiments' expectations, the 6teSLR returned to NW but their activity dwindled. During what Midnight coined as the Dark Age for the 6teSLR, only three members at any given time would attend events. Midnight often found himself alone with members such as Pugglesworth and Cake. With such low numbers but a drive to play the game, they often played as medics and traveled around the map in order to heal friendly lines. The 6teSLR soon renamed into the Nr14 to breathe some fresh life into the members of the regiment. While it worked, most of the community voted to bring back the name they were known for. The 6teSLR was brought back in full strength and acted more like a community than ever before. Mod events became frequent, with the members of the 6teSLR attending Whigs and Tories events under the name of the 57th and even North and South events as the VMI.

6teSLR's reform in 2017

Beginning in September of 2018, Midnight resigned from all leadership positions in the 6teSLR to focus on school. Having been a dropout of High School, he wished to take college more seriously than his previous education. While he still occasionally attended events, his activity plummeted with his newfound commitment to a new chapter in his life. His love for the community, however, is what drove him to return to the 6teSLR by 2019 in order to assist Irish once more. Participating in NANWL over the summer of 2019, Midnight was there for every competitive event. Suffering a catastrophic loss to the LG in the finals, the morale of the 6teSLR deteriorated. Many of those that joined for competitive deserted and even many of the loyal community no longer had a desire to play the game. Following a number of leadership changes, Midnight and other officers finally stood aside and Irish opted to put the 6teSLR name to rest once and for all. Loyal members of the community, however, opted to keep the name going. With Irish's blessing, Seanamus and Pugglesworth continued the 6teSLR and have lasted until the present day. Midnight, while stepping aside, still occasionally merced and attended events with the successor community but it was never the same.

Present Day

Ever since his resignation from the 6teSLR, Midnight only remained in the 18e. While he still often attended, and administrated, events, the once active member of the Napoleonic Wars community distanced himself. Having made friends with Xethos, Midnight found enjoyment in the Oprichnik community, a small gathering of veteran players from the days of Mount and Musket, and attended many events with them. Even though he distanced himself from the community, he at one point made a small return after becoming the 17th North American Community Representative following TheJollyCanadian's resignation. Nothing of note occurred during his first term and his second term was littered with inactivity.

With the 18e having been in hibernation for months, John Price finally returned once more to give it another go. After discussing names with Midnight on September 27th, 2020, the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot was born with Midnight retaining his rank of Serjeant.

Competitive History


DatePlacementTournamentTeamTeam Prize
2016-03-192Rex's 6v6 TournamentThe Oración Seis0