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[e][h] NickCole
Player Information
First Place Dan’s 5v5 Tournament, Orcaryo's 7v7 GroupFighting Tournament, Dan’s 4v4 Tournament, Kristine's Summer 3v3 Tournament, North American Groupfighting Draft League (Fall 2020)
Second Place Moraine’s 2nd 2v2 Tournament, North American 3v3 Melee Tournament
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) VetroG's All-Star 2v2 Tournament, The "Last" NA Groupfighting Tournament 6v6
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NickCole is an American Mount and Blade:Warband player, known for mainly playing Napoleonic Wars.


DatePlacementTournamentTeamTeam Prize
2020-10-141North American Groupfighting Draft League (Fall 2020)0
2020-08-041Kristine's Summer 3v3 TournamentNA All-Stars0
2020-03-293The "Last" NA Groupfighting Tournament 6v6Panda Express0
2020-01-233-4VetroG's All-Star 2v2 TournamentLSU 2020 College Football National Champs!!!0
2018-04-212North American 3v3 Melee TournamentNA All-Stars0
2018-02-232Moraine’s 2nd 2v2 TournamentEasyCashMoney0
2017-10-251Dan’s 4v4 TournamentSaints Of Faint40
2017-07-161Orcaryo's 7v7 GroupFighting TournamentLG team0
2017-05-121Dan’s 5v5 TournamentLG0

Organized Tournaments

Tournament NameDate
North American Spring 4v4 League2020-01-06
North American 3v3 Melee Tournament2018-04-21