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[e][h] Wastee
Player Information
Alternate IDs:
Waste-Too-Cool, WasteEv
YouTube Channel YouTube Channel YouTube Channel
First Place Dan’s 5v5 Tournament, Orcaryo's 7v7 GroupFighting Tournament, VetroG's & NickCole's Old Fashion 3v3 Tournament, Lawbringer's 3v3 Tournament, NA Open 3v3 Tournament, VetroG’s Old Fashion 4v4 Tournament, Rex's 2nd 6v6 Tournament, Aurum's Gold 5v5 League Season 3
Second Place Dan’s 4v4 Tournament, North American Groupfighting Draft League (Fall 2020)
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) North American Spring 4v4 League
Fourth Place Kristine's Summer 3v3 Tournament
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Wastee is an American Mount and Blade:Warband player, known for mainly playing Napoleonic Wars.


DatePlacementTournamentTeamTeam Prize
2020-10-142North American Groupfighting Draft League (Fall 2020)0
2020-08-044Kristine's Summer 3v3 TournamentQUOKKA CORPS V 230
2020-07-131Aurum's Gold 5v5 League Season 3Team Redemption250
2020-03-113-4North American Spring 4v4 LeagueItadakimasu0
2019-06-231Rex's 2nd 6v6 TournamentLG bois60
2019-06-091VetroG’s Old Fashion 4v4 TournamentAtomic0
2019-05-051NA Open 3v3 TournamentAtomic?15
2018-09-091Lawbringer's 3v3 TournamentLG Officerz60
2018-07-081VetroG's & NickCole's Old Fashion 3v3 TournamentRIP Quokka Corps0
2017-10-252Dan’s 4v4 Tournament0
2017-07-161Orcaryo's 7v7 GroupFighting TournamentLG team0
2017-05-121Dan’s 5v5 TournamentLG0