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[e][h] Zeyden


Player Information
Zeyden & Radulf
Steam Profile YouTube Channel
Second Place SET MK.1
Third Place/Semifinalist(s) M. Tournaments 5v5 ft. Tardet
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Zeyden's Overview

Zeyden, formerly known as Radulf is a French Mount and Blade:Warband player, known for mainly playing Napoleonic Wars.

2017-2018: He starts the game in a French regiment the 5e. He started the game by seeing a post from Drake in the French section of TaleWorlds where he was searching for French players to recruit in native for a team. He had never played multiplayer before that and this is the first person he met in the game.

The post: Drakes Post

2018: He mainly plays native and only plays NW rarely for some events. He wanted to become a top player on Native and trained a lot at this period of time.

2019: He started playing NW more and more every month. At the end of the year he totally stopped Native to focus on NW, he plays with TZ0 in the main line-up at that time.

2020: At the beginning of 2020 he started to become a better player. He was around the top 80 on the lists around January 2020. With the disband of TZ0 and the fusion of ProudBoys and TZ0 (TZ0xPB) in April he won 3 tournaments and started becoming more known by the community. In 2020 he also won the ENWWC with France (the only ever national tournament hosted outside of the NWWC/NWEC series). Currently Zeyden is playing in 55th and helping train some of their players. He is currently ranked within the top 10 players.

Personal Achievements

Zeyden's Personal Achievements

43 kills in an RGL final with 92nd.

70 kills in one GF with 55th.

29-0 score in a tournament with 92nd.

71 Kills in total in a 7v7 Tournament with FRA.

65 Kills in total in a 5v5 Tournament with God's Hand.

42-2 (21.00 KD) in one GF with 55th.

Average lills of 40 in 6 GF's in a row (41,45,45,48,50,54) with 55th.

First player to reach emperor in WBMM in 4 days.

Top 1 on WBMM Season 2 & 3.

WBMM kills record holder in one gf 38 Kills.


DatePlacementTournamentTeamTeam Prize
2020-08-093M. Tournaments 5v5 ft. TardetMickeyHouseOven™0
2020-05-242SET MK.1Toxicity Zer00